Safety, Quality, and Performance are the cornerstones to our service, sales, & repairs. We love what we do and want to share that excitement with you. Our mechanics in the service department know that a properly repaired and maintained bicycle is the best way to ensure the quality and fun ride you’re looking for.

That’s why all of our new bikes come with a 2 year service plan, included with the purchase of the bike, to ensure that your bike performs the way you want and expect it to. Over those first 2 years of owning your bike, you simply bring it in on our recommended schedule and we’ll preform free comprehensive service to maintain your bike over the span of your service plan at no additional charge. That’s hundreds of dollars of free service to be had! Our goal is to keep your bike running like it did when you’d bought it, as well as to teach you the proper way to take care of your bike along the way so it will last you for years to come.

Additionally, we have all of the necessary tools, parts, and resources to get both your high- tech race machine and your vintage 20+ year old three-speed bike operating at peak performance. Our trained and certified mechanics are well versed in current drivetrain, suspension, and braking systems for your road bike, mountain bike, triathlon bike, commuter bike, or just about any bike you can fit in the front door. We can do it all. And don’t even get us started on our custom wheel builds…

For an estimate of options to either repair or upgrade your bike, just bring it in and we’ll have one of our mechanics throw it in the stand for a free assessment while you wait. From there, you can choose to either leave your bike or schedule an appointment for service.

Here are a few ballpark estimates of what some of our popular service packages include:

Quick Tune
Just a quick adjustment of the gear and brake systems of the bicycle as well as a general safety check.

Standard Tune-up
An adjustment of all the “moving parts” of your bicycle, including truing the wheels, checking and adjusting all of the bearings, as well as dialing in your shifting and braking. A quick wipe- down and cleaning of the bike is included as well.

Tune-up with Drivetrain Clean
This package includes all of the adjustments listed in the Standard Tune, with the addition of the complete removal and thorough cleaning of your drivetrain (chain, cassette, chainrings, and pulleys) in our ultrasonic parts cleaner and chemical bath.

Custom Wheel Build – That depends on what you want!