Destination Rides: Episode Four- The Kingdom Trails, Burke, VT

Destination Rides: Episode Four-

Who: Mountain bikers of any skill level looking for an epic bike trip for a long weekend

Where: The Kingdom Trails, Burke, VT

What: My ride was 18mi with 2,000ft of elevation gain on mostly xc single track, but the expansive trail system allows for rides of varied distances and terrains

The Route:

On a chilly spring evening, the idea of taking a long weekend trip to ride some awesome mountain bike trails was born. Most mountain bikers have been there, dreaming of taking a day off of work to shred with some friends. I had visited Vermont before to ski, but I was dying to see what those rocks that I always saw covered in snow were like under some knobby rubber. In July, I hit the road and started the journey to the mountains of Vermont.

If you ask around or even make a quick search on the internet for trails in New England to ride, the resounding recommendation is the Kingdom Trails in Burke, VT. Nestled in the Green Mountains, this is a maintained trail system featuring 68.2mi and 85 trails. The Kingdom trails are mainly XC, but if you make the trek up to Vermont with your downhiller friends, the Burke Mountain Bike Park is within riding distance and would keep them happy.

When you arrive, the staff at the Welcome center will have you sign a waiver and then give you a trail map. After telling the staff about what I was looking for in a ride, they helped me plan out a route that would keep me challenged and happy on the trails. Paying for the day pass ($15) is well worth the money because the trails are well maintained, clearly marked, and rad.

From the Welcome Center parking lot, we headed out and up a climb.  At the top of the climb we stopped and looked back at the mountains and valley and took in the breathtaking view. There is a bike shop just a few hundred yards from the top of the climb. Aside from having bike parts and a mechanic, the shop also has coffee and beer.


After stopping at the shop for a quick derailleur repair, we began to descend into the valley on the other side of the ridge. We veered to the right which opens up three options for descending: Troll Stroll, Tap & Die, and Tody’s Tour. Of the three, I found Tap & Die to be the most challenging and the most fun. The three descents are fast, flowy switchbacks littered with roots to keep you engaged. I recommend climbing back up a trail called Burrington Bench and taking some laps of these sick descents, but that may just be because I enjoy the pain of climbing as much as the thrill of going downhill.

Feeling the burn in our legs from climbing and hands from descending, we headed south towards the what was to be the raddest trail of the day: sidewinder. Near the top of Sidewinder is a cabin with sandwiches, just in case your granola bars and hydration pack aren’t cutting it. Imagine a halfpipe made of “brown pow” or the biggest, steepest river whoops of your life; that’s Sidewinder. It’s one of those trails that is so fun it actually made me yell “wahoo!!”

One of the best parts of this trail system is that it gives you options. There is almost always a beginner, intermediate, and expert option to get anywhere. On the way back to the car, we decided to jump onto East Branch. I recommend this trail if you want some real singletrack for a challenge; it was my favorite trail of the day. The last trail we took was Kitchel. This trail is a great way to end the ride on some berms and rollable jumps.

We finished the day with a cup of cold brew coffee at the bike shop, looking out over the green valley and mountains. This trail system is big enough that you could ride another day without riding the same trail twice. Other recommendations I have would be to stay in Burlington. The drive to the trails from there is only about two hours and gorgeous, plus the town of Burlington has fantastic restaurant options. You could even finish your day there watching the sunset over Lake Champlain. On the way back from the trails, the GPS took us on Vermont Route 108, which goes through a beautiful mountain pass through Smugglers Notch State Park. Vermont is dotted with waterfalls, but one of the best is along this road, called Bingham Falls. After a hard mountain bike ride, swimming in a cool mountain waterfall is exactly what we wanted!

I can’t recommend this ride enough if you’re looking for a destination ride. Write it down on your ride bucket list and get there one day. Come on in or call the shop if you have any questions or want more recommendations!

Ride on,

Ginny at Twenty20



Destination Rides: Episode Two – Michaux State Forest Gravel Extravaganza

Destination Rides: Episode Two – Michaux State Forest Gravel Extravaganza


Who: Gravel Grinders, off the beaten path explorers, anyone with a loose definition of what constitutes a road.

Where: Michaux State Forest

What: 40 miles of gravelly goodness with 4,500 feet of climbing.

The Route:

Michaux State Forest is a wilderness wonderland covering more than 85,000 acres of south-central Pennsylvania.  Named for the French botanist, Andre Michaux, sent by Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to gather specimens for their royal garden. Later its old growth timber was clear cut to provide fuel for the furnaces of several iron companies. Today under the management of Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources it is a thriving second growth forest for everyone to enjoy.

It is about an hour and a half drive out of the city to the start.  There is no good address for GPS directions.  Google “intersection of Rattlesnake Run Rd & Mentzer Gap Rd, Pennsylvania” and you can get a pin.  Once you turn onto Rattlesnake Run there will be some places to pull off the side of the road and park.  Strong riders will finish this loop in about two hours.  Wilderness camping is permitted (requires a free permit for stays longer than one night).

The course I mapped out is a figure eight of sorts taking you up and down South Mountain.  The climbs are long but not terribly steep.  The surface is hard packed dirt with loose gravel for 95% of the distance.  Equipment choice will be a matter of personal preference and discretion. I have ridden this route with folks on a variety of bikes and tires.  I suggest the Specialized Diverge or Sequoia as archetypal bikes for this ride.  A tire in the 38 to 42mm range will be perfect.  Tire pressure is a bit harder to make a blanket recommendation so let’s chat more about your specifics when you are getting ready to go.


So I said the climbs are long but not terribly steep.  This is true. But consider Liberty Ski Resort is just down the road.  There will be climbing.  A lot of climbing.

Max grade is around 10% and average grades are in the 4% to 6% range.  Most of the climbs will be between two and three miles long.  Remember too, what goes up must come down.  There are some long, fast extended descents that are challenging in their own right.  Disc brakes are highly recommended.  The charm of this ride destination to me lies in its ability to provide almost continuous off-tarmac riding for miles and miles.

I put the 40 miler together to give me a ride that was long and hard enough to be worth the drive but not so difficult it wouldn’t appeal to a wide audience.  If you want to up the ante and double down on the climbing challenges it will be easy to put together a metric century or more of the rough and bumpy back woods riding.  Feel free to come by the shop and I can make some suggestions.


Some things to consider when riding this route:

  • Many of these “roads” are poorly marked. A GPS loaded with the course is recommended.
  • You are in the woods. Rattlesnakes and bears live here.  Be prepared.
  • Cell coverage is spotty for much of the ride. Be prepared.
  • Flats happen. Gravel riding amplifies the risk. Be prepared (for multiple flats).
  • There is a water stop at mile 15. You are in the woods for the majority of the ride.  There is no easy access to food and water for much of the ride. Be prepared.


If you have questions, feel free to call or come by the shop. I am happy to help.  If you rode this route let me know what you think. I love sharing ride stories and look forward to hearing yours.

Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!



Destination Rides: Episode One – Deep Creek Lake

Destination Rides: Episode One – Deep Creek Lake


Who: Climbers, Masochists, Anyone who needs clarification of long and steep

Where: Deep Creek Lake State Park. 898 State Park Rd, Swanton, MD, 21561

What: 50 miles of gorgeous scenery with 4,500 feet of climbing.

The Route:


Deep Creek Lake in Garrett county is about as far west as you can go and still be in Maryland.  Home to such superstar rides and races as the Garrett County Gran Fondo and the Kinetic Multisports SavageMan triathlon.  This route is not for the faint hearted or under trained.  It will challenge you to the core mentally and physically but reward you with some spectacular views, good roads and fresh air.


Its about a three hour drive out of the city to the start.  Strong riders can expect to finish this loop in about four hours.  Camping is available at the park if you want to make a weekend of it (reservations required in season).  If you are multi modal in your outdoor recreation, the area also has some excellent hiking and boating opportunities.


But this post is about the bike and the mountain. Big Savage Mountain to be specific.  At 2,860 feet in elevation its among the tallest in the state (that distinction belongs to Hoyes Crest, 3,360 feet, on Backbone Mountain about 20 miles south west).  Now a ride of 50 miles with 4,600 feet of climbing may not seem challenging at first glance.  But consider that the majority of the elevation comes in two sustained climbs and you will understand the significance.



The first climb starts in Westernport with a nasty section affectionately referred to as the “Westernport Wall.”  Sections of this climb are purported to challenge you with grades up to 30%.  While this is the steepest portion of the climb it isn’t really the hardest.  The rest of the 9 mile climb up Big Savage Mountain with grades averaging 6% to 8% will test your will to keep turning the pedals as you make a mental note to spend more time in the gym doing core work.  But find a rhythm and settle in for a long slow grind and you will be blessed with stunning landscapes as you go up, up, up.


Once you crest the summit (the real summit, not one of the pretenders that tease you into thinking you are done climbing only to laugh as you round the bend to more climbing) the descent back down to the Savage River is fast, twisty and exhilarating!  Riding along the river for a few miles gives you just enough time to recover and prepare for the next major climb of the day.


Dry Run Rd is about 6.5 miles of unrelenting climbing.  Another 6% to 8% sufferfest is on tap, with top ten Strava times in the range of 30 to 40 minutes.    You will still be feeling the effort from Big Savage Mountain too, so this one will really hurt.  But the sense of accomplishment is tremendous regardless of how long it takes to crest the summit.  There are plenty of false flats to lull you into thinking the end is nearer than it is.  Keep your mental edge sharp and know it will be a long steady effort.


If all this makes it seem like a hard day in the saddle, it is.  Truth be told when I first went out there I didn’t make it all the way.  It was too much for my physical fitness level. But I was hooked by the sublime, unapologetic character of the mountain and a desire to test myself on some of the best climbs the Free State has to offer.


Some things to consider when riding this route:

  • There are bears. It is not common, but not unheard of to encounter wildlife in this area.  Be prepared.
  • Much of the route is without cell coverage. Be prepared.
  • Once you leave Westernport and start climbing there is no easy access to water or food. Be prepared.


If you have questions, feel free to call or come by the shop. I am happy to help.  If you rode this route let me know what you think. I love sharing ride stories and look forward to hearing yours.

Thanks for reading, now get out there and ride!


Twenty20 Cycling Moving to New City Storefront in Remington Neighborhood in 2017

Following 7 years of growth in the Baltimore cycling community, local bicycle shop, Twenty20 Cycling Company, is expanding its Baltimore City presence. They will consolidate the Hampden and Howard County shops into what will become Twenty20’s most advanced and largest storefront to date.

“Our goal is to focus on the needs of our cycling community here in Baltimore City” explained Twenty20 Cycling owner, Norman Brach. “We will emphasize a rider-first approach to help people enjoy riding their bike.”

Soon to be located at 320 W. 29th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211 (at the corner of 29th Street and Remington Avenue), the company’s new city storefront will boast nearly 5,000 square feet, with ample dedicated customer parking. The new location looks to create a design and layout that focuses on rider development and accessibility at all levels first-and-foremost, rather than the more traditional product centric bike shop approach. The larger space will allow Twenty20 to broaden their in-house services to include an area dedicated to classes, coaching and instruction, a community meeting space and an expanded professional bike fitting studio.

On the move from the established Hampden neighborhood to the incredible resurgence of Remington, Twenty20 Cycling co-owner, Johnny May, added that, “Hampden has been an amazingly supportive community for us over the past 7 years. But we’ve come to the point where we’ve outgrown our existing flagship storefront in a repurposed auto garage. And to see the quality of growth that has been happening just around the corner in Remington, with the potential to build-out, is something that we are very excited to become a part of.”

Facade rendering, set to undergo major renovations

The new store is a collaboration between Twenty20 Cycling and Seawall Development, which recently opened the highly anticipated Remington Row and it’s adjacent industrial, community-focused restaurant space, “R. House,” located directly across 29th Street from the future Twenty20 site.

Timing for Twenty20’s move includes the Savage Mill store closing at the end of December 2016, to allow construction to begin at the new Remington space. The Savage store will then remain open, by appointment only, throughout the month of January 2017.

Twenty20’s Hampden store will remain open into the Summer of 2017, while the new Remington store looks to overlap that timeline with its doors set to open by this coming Spring.

For more information, visit Twenty20 Cycling online at or call (443) 759-5620.

For updates, news, and announcements follow Twenty20 Cycling on Facebook at


KoppCX Print Banner_072214

Twenty20 Cycling Co.koppenbergcross_logoSeptember 10, 2015, Baltimore, MD – Have you ever wanted to be a VIP at one of Europe’s most historic cyclocross races, so close that you’ll be picking the mud out of your teeth? Well here’s your chance to make it happen!

As a title sponsor of the 2015 “GP Twenty20 Cycling: Koppenbergcross,” Twenty20 Cycling Co. is raffling off a boatload of prizes, including a Grand Prize trip to sit VIP on the sidelines at the historic Koppenbergcross, located in Oudenaarde, Belgium.

The Grand Prize will include round trip airfare for the lucky winner, (2) course-side VIP passes to the Koppenbergcross races, housing for two in Oudenaarde, Belgiumat at The Chainstay House, a prerace Saturday night Belgian beer tasting, and a chance to pre

-ride the famous Koppenberg cobble road climb before the race!

Other massive prizes include:
– Cycling kits from Sommerville Sports
– A Steen Wear cycling rain jackets
– Embrocation from Mad Alchemy
– Prizes from Specialized
– Beer prizes from De Kleine Duivel Belgian Bar in Hampden
And more…

CCX logo-simpleTo purchase tickets, please visit for your chance to win one of these awesome prizes. Only 300 tickets will be made available in order to increase chances of winning. The actual drawing will be held live on Sunday, October 11, 2015 at Day #2 of Charm City Cross held in Baltimore, MD. Winners do not need to be present to win and will be notified by email following the conclusion of the drawing. Prizes can be picked up in-person at either Twenty20 Cycling Co. location in Maryland, or shipping arrangements can be made available for prize winners.



**For Immediate Release**

CharmCityCX-logoBaltimore, MD – After a decade of hosting one of the East Coast’s largest cyclocross race weekends every September, Charm City Cross will move its dates to October 10th and 11th in 2015. This move is being done, in-part, to better align the East Coast UCI race calendar, strengthening a proven hotbed of US cyclocross and providing better logistical access for the traveling US Pro Men and Women.

With a move to mid-October, Charm City Cross strategically positions itself amongst a month-long string of top-tier UCI races held on the East Coast, to the likes of which, many are beginning to refer to as #cxtober (read: “Crosstober”).

After coordinating with regional promoters and initially registering for a Category 1 event on the Oct. 10-11, 2015 weekend, USA Cycling chose to offer Charm City a date later in the season. The Charm City Cross promoters instead elected to pursue their original dates as a Category 2 race rather than settling for the consolation dates offered by USA Cycling in mid-November as a C1 event. Such dates would have prohibited Charm City Cross, and the rest of the East Coast promoters, from achieving the original goal.

Starting in the last weekend of September with the Grand Prix of Gloucester (Sept. 26-27 – Gloucester, MA), followed by the KMC Cyclo-cross Festival (Oct. 3-4 – Providence, RI), Charm City Cross (Oct. 10-11 – Baltimore, MD), HPCX (Oct. 17-18 – Jamesburg, NJ), and wrapping up with DCCX (Oct. 24-25 – Washington, DC) the grouping will achieve what many promoters in the Mid Atlantic have been working towards for several years.

Registration for Charm City Cross is scheduled to open on August 1, 2015. Cyclists interested in racing can register at Spots are limited, so riders are encouraged to register early.


Win a trip to attend the Historic “GP Twenty20 Cycling: Koppenbergcross” in Oudenaarde, Belgium from Twenty20 Cycling Co.


September 21, 2014, Baltimore, MD – Have you ever wanted to be a VIP at one of Europe’s most historic cyclocross races, so close that you’ll be picking the mud out of your teeth? Well here’s your chance to make it happen!

As a title sponsor of the 2014 “GP Twenty20 Cycling: Koppenbergcross,“ Twenty20 Cycling Co. is raffling off a boatload of prizes, including a Grand Prize trip to sit VIP on the sidelines at the historic Koppenbergcross, located in Oudenaarde, Belgium.

The Grand Prize will include round-trip airfare for the lucky winner, (2) course-side VIP passes to the Koppenbergcross races, as well as housing for two in Oudenaarde, Belgium.

Other massive prizes include:
-a Powertap Enve carbon wheelset, courtesy of Saris (valued at over $3,000!)
-a Specialized Carbon Crux cyclocross frameset (valued at $2,200)
-Travel Bags from Osprey (valued at $330)CharmCityCX-logo
-Clogs from Dansko

To purchase tickets, please visit for your chance to win one of these awesome prizes. Only 300 tickets will be available in order to increase chances of winning! The actual drawing will be held live on Sept. 21, 2014 at Day #2 of Charm City Cross held in Baltimore, MD. Winners do not need to be present to win and will be notified by email following the conclusion of the drawing. Prizes can be picked up in-person at either Twenty20 Cycling Co. location in Maryland, or shipping arrangements can be made available for prize winners.


About the GP Twenty20 Koppenbergcross:

Koppenbergcross in Oudenaarde, Belgium sets a new milestone in the history of cyclocross. In cooperation with the American company Twenty20 Cycling Co., Koppenbergcross will be the first European cyclocross race to provide equal prize money for both Elite Men and Women. So far there was a gap of over five thousand euros between the prize scales for men and women in first category races, such as the Koppenbergcross. A gap that the Sint-Pietersvrienden, organizers of the Koppenbergcross, now decided to close.

The winner of the GP Twenty20 Cycling (The new name of our women’s race) on Saturday November 1st 2014 – is no longer rewarded 350 euros, but rather €1,667. Exactly the same as the next winner of our GP Willy Naessens for Elite Men. The same counts for all riders further down the results in both Men and Women’s races. A clear signal with which we hope to help the current growth of the Koppenbergcross and women’s cyclocross in general. Prior to now, the World Championships were the only cyclocross races on European soil to give equal prize money.

British rider Helen Wyman – European Cyclocross Champion, member of the Cyclocross Committee of the International Cycling Federation, triple winner of Koppenbergecross and resident of Oudenaarde – is obviously happy with this step. “In my eyes, this is a huge step. It is a very significant moment for women’s cycling.This allows women to make one step up the ladder towards equality. I spend a lot of my free time trying to advance women’s cyclocross and I hope this will lead to a chain reaction of races who do the same, as I know the support is there from sponsors, supporters and riders. To be a part of this development for the sport is fantastic for me.”

“For the Koppenbergcross to be the first race in Europe to do this is very special.  I love the Koppenbergcross, to me it is the biggest race outside of the World Championships.  It is legendary.  To have an American sponsor back the race shows how significant it is around the world.  I can’t thank Twenty20 Cycling enough on behalf of all of the racers that take part next season.  I’m certainly already looking forward to the GP Twenty20 Cycling and hope to collect another cobble stone in 2014.”

Kristopher Auer, Owner of Twenty20 Cycling, is proud to connect the name of his company to the women’s race of the Koppenbergcross. “Twenty20 Cycling Co. is a small two-store bicycle shop located in Baltimore and Savage, Maryland in the United States,”Auer explained. “One of the things that makes our business unique is how it developed from a cyclocross background. Since before we opened our business I have been supporting the growth of cyclocross in America. I was promoting UCI cyclocross races in Baltimore nearly a decade ago when I met my future business partners and continue to do so today. Growing the sport has always been on our agenda and I’ve always looked to ensure both women and men can race with equal opportunity.”

“There have been a lot of discussions recently about the globalization of the sport, and women’s racing is high on the agenda for change,” Auer went on to add. ”Following discussion with Helen Wyman, a six-time winner in our UCI races in Baltimore, we looked for an opportunity to do our part to help advance these two key areas of change. As a company we are excited to be part of such a prestigious event as the Koppenbergcross. It is an amazing race with its own rich history, tough conditions and a fantastic venue. We are proud to be part of what I believe to be an important, if not historic, moment for women’s cyclocross and women’s cycling in general. The growth of women’s sport is not to be ignored and we are hopeful that support of the Koppenbergcross will send a powerful message in Europe and the United States that the time is now.”

More info: The GP Twenty20 Cycling, the Koppenbergcross women’s race on Saturday November 1st 2014, once again will be part of the BPost Bank Trophy, as will the Elite Men’s and U23 races.

For more information, please follow #GPTwenty20.
Twenty20 Cycling Co.:
BPost Bank Trophy:
Helen Wyman:

Charm City Cross Draws Professional Cyclists to Baltimore

CharmCityCX-logoSeptember 21-22, 2013 – Top World-Ranked Cyclists Converge in Baltimore for the Mid Atlantic’s Premiere Cyclocross Race

Baltimore, MD – Top World-Ranked cyclists from around the globe converge on Druid Hill Park to race alongside regional and local cyclists for the 9th annual Charm City Cyclocross race to be held September 21 – September 22. With races featuring cyclists of every skillset, broken into categories based on their rankings and experience, both days of action will showcase local and global talent in a spectator-friendly festival environment.

Local bike shop, Twenty20 Cycling, located in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore, MD, along with its local racing team, C3-Athletes Serving Athletes, will host the event in the city’s historic Druid Hill Park.

“[Charm City Cross] really does hold a special place in my heart, as does organizer Kris Auer,” professional cyclist, Helen Wyman of Great Britain recently told Cyclocross Magazine.

At the time of racing Charm City Cross last year, Helen was ranked #1 in the world amongst Elite Women. Later that season, she went on to become the UK National Cyclocross Champion, and later finished 13th at the 2012 World Championships in Koksijde, Belgium. She enters this coming season ranked 4th in the world.

“If I could race [Charm City Cross] every weekend, I think I would. Again, the venue is amazing, the support staff at the event are second to none and Baltimore is a fantastic city,” tells Wyman.

Other notable professional riders that are scheduled to appear in this year’s Elite race fields are French rider Nicolas Bazin of Team Big-Mat who’s currently ranked 34th in the world, 17th ranked Joyce Vanderbeken of Belgium, and local star Laura Van Gilder who races for Twenty20 Cycling’s own C3-Athletes Serving Athletes team and is currently ranked 34th amongst the World’s Elite Women.

Winners from each race category will be awarded with cash prizes as well as some other premiums provided by race sponsors, such as a frameset, courtesy of Fuji Bikes, for some fields.

Charm City Cross is made possible by the support of its other great sponsors as well, which include Shimano, Tour Dem Parks Hon, Specialized, Race Clothing,, Jagwire, Baltimore City Parks and Recreation, and Hostetter Agency.

For more information, please contact Twenty20 Cycling Co. at (443) 759-5620 or visit them online at

Cyclists interested in racing can register at Spots are limited, so riders are encouraged to register early.

“C3-Twenty20 cycling co.” team ready for 2014 cyclocross season

C3 logoSeptember 2013- C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co. Adds Nationally Ranked Women to Roster Entering 2014 Cyclocross Season

Baltimore, MD – After winning the 2013 Mid Atlantic Cyclocross (MAC) Team Series, C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co. team riders went on to continue their development and dominance in individual competitions nation-wide. The highlight came this past July when team Elite rider Arley Kemmerer took home the 2013 Senior Women’s Cat 1 Cross-Country MTB National Championship Jersey. “Snagging my first-ever national championship jersey in mountain biking this year meant a lot to me, and I’m really looking forward to riding that momentum into the ‘cross season,” explained Kemmerer. She also finished just off of the podium in 4th place in the Women’s Cat 1 National Short Track Cross-Country MTB National competition, 10th place in the 2013 Women’s Elite Cyclocross National Championships, and won the entire 2013 MAC Elite Women’s Cyclocross Series.

In addition to Kemmerer, the C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co. team will also feature some new Elite Women riders in the 2014 season, notably Elite rider Frances Morrison (Easthampton, MA), and U19 rider Bailey Semian (Mertztown, PA), who’s coming off of 2013 wins at the USA Junior Track Nationals, as well as the New Jersey Individual Time Trial Championship, and top 5 finishes in both the Junior and Collegiate Cyclocross National Championships. When asked about the new additions to the team’s Women’s roster, Kemmerer shared, “I’m excited about this coming season. Our expansion into New England with the addition of Frances shows our growth on the women’s side, which is always great to see.” Morrison and Semian will join Kemmerer and other notable team Women’s Elite riders Kat Wulfkuhle, Amy Breyla, and Jen Tillman.

On the Men’s side, Greg Wittwer (Richmond, VA) joins the Elite roster coming off of a 6th place finish at the 2013 USA Cyclocross National Championships amongst Masters 30-34. The team returns Team Director and Elite Master Kris Auer (Baltimore, MD), Elite rider Steven Cummings (Pittsburgh, PA) who finished 10th in his age group at the 2013 USA Cyclocross National Championships and 3rd in the MAC Series, as well as Espoir Sam O’Keefe who took home 8th place in the 2013 U23 USA Cyclocross National Championships.

On the growing list of team sponsors, Union Craft Brewing, Challenge Tires, SRAM, and LeMond Fitness chose to support the team in 2014 alongside longtime team sponsors Twenty20 Cycling Co., Specialized, Hostetter Agency, Dumonde Tech, and Tifosi.

Beyond the Elite team riders, C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co. also develops riders of all levels, lead by Team Director, Kris Auer. “This is going to be another exciting year for our team. Our riders had some great results this past year and the new additions to our roster continue to raise our competitiveness through the East Coast,” said Auer, who coaches with the Athlete Development Group. In addition to directing the team, Auer also leads weekly training rides throughout the year, culminating every August with free cyclocross clinics in the appropriately named (Helen) Wyman Park located in the heart of Baltimore City, playfully renamed for repeat Charm City Cross Women’s Elite Winner, Helen Wyman. With the ultimate goal of growing the sport, clinics are open to anyone who wants to learn the basics, brush up their skills, or try out cyclocross for the first time.

For more information on C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co. and their annual UCI Cat 2 cyclocross race, Charm City Cross, visit


Twenty20 Cycling Co.About the C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co. Team

Charm City Cycling, llc (also known as, “C3 – Twenty20 Cycling Co.”), is a Mid Atlantic based cycling team that supports and promotes the development of competitive cyclists. While competition drives the team’s focus, C3 is just as much about rider development and advancing the sport of cycling, as it is reaching the podium.

Hosted by Twenty20 Cycling Company (located in Baltimore City and Savage, MD), C3 has a particular focus on cyclocross, but team riders train and compete in all other cycling disciplines throughout the year.

Every year in the month of September, C3 hosts the Mid Atlantic’s premier cyclocross race, known as Charm City Cross. This weekend-long race, held annually in Baltimore City, is both a UCI and USAC sanctioned race and draws top pro riders from all over the globe.

Twenty20 Cycling Co. Store Grand Opening in Savage, MD!

DSC_0878August 10, 2013- “Baltimore’s Best Bike Shop,” according to Bicycling Magazine, opens its second location in Historic Savage, MD with Grand Opening Party

Savage, MD – Providing new access to bicycle service, sales, apparel, accessories, and bicycle advocacy for the Savage, Columbia, and surrounding Laurel areas, Twenty20 Cycling Co. will host a Grand Opening Party on August 10, 2013 for the opening of its second store. Located in the Cotton Shed Building at the Historic Savage Mill,8600 Foundry Street, Savage, MD 20763, Twenty20 Cycling’s new storefront boasts 6,000 sq/ft filled with all of your cycling needs.
Twenty20 Cycling Co.
savage-mill-logoFrom beginners to racing enthusiasts, Twenty20 Cycling caters to all cyclists. Offering recreational hybrid, kids, road, and mountain bikes, Twenty20 Cycling has the equipment for every style of riding and all of the accessories and apparel to outfit you for your next family stroll, race, or bike touring adventure. Twenty20 Cycling is also the area’s only Specialized Bicycle Components “Elite” level dealer, offering Specialized’s professional level S-Works bikes and frames.

Bicycling Magazine, the cycling industry’s leading national publication, named Twenty20 Cycling’s first store, located in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore City, a “Top Shop” and “Baltimore’s Best Bike Shop.” Since then, business owners Norman Brach, Kris Auer, and Johnny May have decided to build upon their success by opening a second location to better serve the Howard County, Prince George’s County, and Anne Arundel County communities.

DSC_0876“We focus on the rider and aim to make cycling a fun experience. Sharing our love and enjoyment of cycling is what motivates us.” explained owner Norman Brach. “We have grown a loyal customer base at our Baltimore City location by treating our customers with respect and listening to their needs. We look forward to doing the same down here in Savage by providing the best service in a friendly, local atmosphere. There is great riding to be found throughout the region and we have the knowledge and expertise to help make your next ride awesome.”

DSC_0951Discounts will be available on select products in the store throughout the day during normal business hours from 10am – 6pm. The store will then host an open house from 4pm-6pm, followed by the official Grand Opening Party after store hours starting at 6pm with light food & beverage options, featuring beer from Baltimore’s very own Union Craft Brewery for those 21 and over. Specialized will also have their bike demo truck on site during the day offering test ride options on many of their road bike models.

For more information, visit Twenty20 Cycling online at or call the Savage, MD store at (301) 604-2020. For updates, news, and announcements follow Twenty20 Cycling on Facebook at