Commuting By Bike: Getting Started

Riding a bike is an environmentally friendly, healthy, and cost effective way to commute to work or school. The type of bike that is best for you depends on your ride and preferences. There are a few questions to ask yourself to narrow down your search. How long is the commute? What surfaces will you be riding over? Besides commuting, what kind of riding do you see yourself doing? Answering these questions will give you a good idea of what you need. I’ve spotlighted a few bike options below that might fit the needs of a commuter.


The Sporty Hybrid:

  • Example: the Sirrus by Specialized
  • Starting price: $430
  • Description: This bike is our most popular commuter and is fit to tackle rides of any distance. It has an aluminum frame, so it is light to ride and light for carrying up a flight of stairs to an apartment. It comes stock with tires that are wider and tougher than a traditional road tire, so it can handle the streets of Baltimore. This bike is also what I would recommend for someone that is also looking to ride for fitness and recreation on some moderate road rides or the NCR trail.

The Modern Cruiser:

  • Example: the Bedford or Franklin by Brooklyn Bicycle Co.
  • Starting price: $500
  • Description: These bikes combine the style of a vintage Dutch cruiser with modern technology. As a bonus, many models of the Brooklyn bikes come with fenders to keep you dry and racks to carry your belongings already installed. I recommend this bike to people that are interested in looking stylish while still riding efficiently.

The Road Bike:

  • Example: the Allez, Dolce, or Diverge by Specialized
  • Starting Price: $800
  • Description: A road bike will be the most efficient and comfortable option for longer commutes. For someone that is considering not only commuting, but also embarking on longer road rides on the weekends, a road bike is the way to go. There are a variety of gearing, frame material, and bike geometry options for road bikes.

With these bikes, and any new bike from Twenty20, we provide our two-year service plan. This plan provides free labor at regular intervals to help keep your bike running smoothly.

Along with a bike, you’ll need a helmet, a lock, and lights. Other items to consider are a rack, bags, and riding specific clothing. For more information, stop by the shop and we can help you find the best bike for you.